Altman Pictures is a Film Production Company based out of Los Angeles & New York City. Built by Father & Son team, Barry & Ryan Altman, the emerging production house has their first feature film title, The Pharm, releasing in 2021! With a slate of projects ready for production, the Altman's have a lot in store for audiences worldwide.

Meet the boys from New York:

Barry & Ryan Altman

Founder and President of Altman Pictures, Barry Altman is the man behind it all. Barry has helped pen the entire slate of Altman Pictures screenplays. With a make your own luck attitude, Barry green-lit the first major feature film out of Altman Pictures camp, The Pharm, serving as the Executive Producer, and even starred as the movie's antagonist, Mr. Black. 

Ryan Altman began working in Los Angeles as a Cinematographer in 2015. His goal of writing and directing feature films is one shared by many in Hollywood. Getting over the first time Director hurdle is where most come to fail. Through relationships made working in production, Ryan employed great talents on both sides of the camera to bring a high budget standard to his feature debut, The Pharm. 

Ryan Altman - Demo Reel