Altman Pictures was founded in 2013 by Barry and Ryan Altman, a father and son duo whom share a burning passion for all things film. The company is multifaceted with dealings in both Movies & Television.

With offices in both Los Angeles and New York, Barry and Ryan have been able to grow exponentially, completing multiple feature film screenplays, television pilots, and a handful of short films. Altman Pictures has truly hit the ground running in the few short years since their inception.

Their work has gained the attention of major Production Companies, Networks and Talent Agencies across Hollywood. But as the Altman’s say “…we believe our work speaks for itself…"

Meet the Altmans
Barry Altman
Writer & Co Founder

An emerging feature screenplay and episodic TV writer. Barry is the Founder of Altman Pictures Inc. Barry has co-authored several feature length screenplays, TV series, and concepts. His hard work supporting his family has provided his children with elite educations in their respective fields. Now that his son and partner, Ryan, has exponentially acquired an extraordinary study of filmmaking,  their commitment to the art is now in full force and ready to entertain audiences around the world for lifetimes to come.

Ryan Tyler Altman
Writer, Director & Co Founder

After earning his Bachelors of Fine Arts degree at the age of 20, Ryan began a career in Filmmaking Ryan completed his first feature length screenplay within a month after graduating. With an absolute obsession for screenwriting craft, Ryan has since penned seven other feature length screenplays, with the help of his father and co-writer Barry Altman. Ryan has logged hundreds of hours of on set experience as a director and cinematographer, and has also worked in the field of content creation for shooting advertisement campaigns for clothing brands. 

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Ryan Tyler Altman

Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Photographer

Email :

Instagram : @RyanTyler18

Barry Altman

Writer, Producer, Actor

Email :

Instagram : @Baltmans18

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