Leo and Roy sell the contents of a briefcase for the price of 1 million dollars. Instead of cash they are given a single dollar bill with an offshore account and pin number written on the bill. With no other choice but to accept the dollar as payment, they reluctantly take it, but as soon as they leave the sale, they face trouble with the law. Knowing they will be arrested, they decide to give the dollar to a homeless man, instructing him not to spend it. They say if he doesn't spend it, they will come back the next day (for the police will have nothing to charge them with) and they will give him one hundred dollars for their dollar back.

Written & Directed by Ryan Tyler Altman

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Writer, Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

Ryan Tyler Altman

Film creator Ryan Altman hails from New York City, the domain in which his style of cinema is heavily influenced. Ryan followed his life-long passion for filmmaking and telling stories, out to Hollywood California, where he began to immerse himself with all things cinema. While completing a Bachelors in Fine Arts degree in Film Directing, he developed a wealth of hands on skill as a gaffer & grip, and eventually began working as a cinematographer. Ryan prides himself on his technical filmmaking abilities. He's the type of director that likes to hold the camera and shoot the film with his own hands. However, he claims that his "do it yourself" mantra is only as good as his cast of talent. When developing a new project, Ryan seeks out actors and even crew that are willing and eager to take a journey along side him to make a film. He learned early on that film is a collaborative effort, and his answer to that is, "Thank God. It wouldn't be possible any other way, or at the very least the result wouldn't be any good." 
Boston Born Actor, Adam Dorsey moved to California in 2005 after college to pursue his dream of acting. His arrival to LA however, led him into Politics as Deputy Los Angeles Fundraiser for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. He finally transitioned to acting in 2012 quiting his day job and enrolling in Stella Adler Acting Academy full-time, where he earned a scholarship in trade for teaching Yoga at the Academy. He also studied at Groundlings, combining a love for the stage and improv. 

In combining his study of Yoga and Acting, Adam believes life is lived with a balance of strong discipline while cracking a smile.

Adam Dorsey

Associate Producer  &  Co-Star

Barry Altman

Executive Producer  &  Supporting Actor

Barry Altman is father and filmmaking partner to Ryan Altman. The Father & Son duo make up Altman Pictures (a production company that is their shared dream). Barry had always wanted to pursue a career in filmmaking, with a specific love for acting. Once you meet him, you'll swear that in front of a camera is where he belongs. He is a born entertainer, and when his son wanted to pursue his passion for filmmaking, Barry was in full support. When asked why he didn't pursue film at an earlier age, Barry said this, "I am slave to the title of our film. Like the masses, I got caught up in Chasing the Dollar." However today, with imaginations that know no limit, Barry & Ryan work tirelessly at their labor of love, to tell stories that can be enjoyed by the masses, yet open audiences minds to promote new ways of thinking. 


Anthony Ficco

Lead Actor: Leo

Frank Ludwig

Co-Star : Homeless Man

Adam Dorsey

Co-Star: Roy

Anna Curtis

Co-Star : Alex Karakova

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Ryan Tyler Altman

Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Photographer

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Instagram : @RyanTyler18

Barry Altman

Writer, Producer, Actor

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Instagram : @Baltmans18

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