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Written & Directed by Ryan Tyler Altman as his undergrad thesis film, Where There's a Will is a semi-autobiographical tale about the filmmakers themselves. Altman had originally planed to make a short film about grandmother Sophie Fries Altman's holocaust survival. However, when unable to procure sufficient funding to do the story justice, the Altman's decided to make Where There's a Will instead. The original plan for the project has been turned into a feature screenplay called German Zion.

Produced By:

Producer - Alessandra Ghisolfi

Co-Producer - Ryan Altman

Executive Producer - Barry Altman


Madison Cassidy - Michael Cohen

Barry Altman - Barry Cohen

Jennifer Olsberg - Sandra Cohen

Holly Sedillos - Bianca

Jarrett Stern - David Allen Graf

Professor - James F. Peak

Jarrett's Bodyguard - C.W. Smith

News Reporter - Brenton Ruh

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Ryan Tyler Altman

Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Photographer

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Instagram : @RyanTyler18

Barry Altman

Writer, Producer, Actor

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Instagram : @Baltmans18

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